Friday Spotlight: The Silence Breakers

Every year, TIME Magazine names their "Person of the Year." Typically, the honor is awarded to someone who has made a real impact over the course of the year. Past honorees have included FDR, Martin Luther King Jr., and Queen Elizabeth II. This year, TIME chose to honor the individuals, almost exclusively women, who have … Continue reading Friday Spotlight: The Silence Breakers


Equality Begins at Home

Yesterday, my friend sent an article that resonated with her and with me as well. The article is called "Where do kids learn to undervalue women? From their parents."┬áSounds harsh, right? Particularly for those of us who consider ourselves progressive and egalitarian at home. But, when I read the below paragraph, I thought, "Yes! This!" … Continue reading Equality Begins at Home

No Experience? No Problem! How to Get a Job In a New Industry

  Today's workforce is different from previous generations. While it was once common to stay with an employer for life, workers today are much more likely to change jobs and even change industries. If you're looking to make a career change, but you're hesitating because you don't have the "right" experience, then check out my … Continue reading No Experience? No Problem! How to Get a Job In a New Industry