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Feeling the Burn

For the last several weeks, things have not been great. I've had trouble concentrating at work, my temper has been short, I've been eating poorly and getting little sleep, and my motivation for just about anything is at an all time low. To say I haven't been feeling my best would be an understatement. As… Continue reading Feeling the Burn

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Going With Your Gut

When confronted with a tough decision, people always ask, "What does your gut tell you?" Instincts come naturally, and yet somehow they're easy to ignore when we aren't sure which direction to take. Our heads can override our hearts, which isn't always a bad thing. But in my experience, my gut usually has the right… Continue reading Going With Your Gut

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The Power of Journaling

I've been keeping a journal since I was 12 years old. I still have that first Diary, complete with a lock designed to keep out nosy older brothers. Sometimes I'll read through it when I need a good laugh. Not surprisingly, most of my problems revolved around school and boys who I thought were cute.… Continue reading The Power of Journaling

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How to Avoid Burning Out

I was recently listening to an episode of The Broad Experience that talked about an issue I've thought about a lot - burnout. In a culture that prizes work over just about anything, burnout can happen to anyone. But, studies show that burnout is happening more frequently to women, and it's happening earlier too. When… Continue reading How to Avoid Burning Out