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Friday Spotlight: Kate Spade

  When I was in college, I visited New York City for what felt the millionth time. I loved New York for its energy and access to just about everything - including knock off designer bags. A broke college student, I couldn't afford some of the finer things in life. So, I went down to… Continue reading Friday Spotlight: Kate Spade

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How to Negotiate a Killer Pay Day

I graduated from law school in 2008. For those of you who might remember, this wasn't a great year to be entering the workforce. The Great Recession was in full swing and jobs were few and far between. After 9 months of temporary work, I finally landed what I thought was my dream job at… Continue reading How to Negotiate a Killer Pay Day

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Friday Spotlight: Kim Rivera

You've probably never heard of Kim Rivera. She's not exactly a household name. But, the work she's doing to advance diversity in the legal field and beyond is worthy of recognition. Kim is the Chief Legal Officer and and General Counsel at HP, Inc. She is one of the few women to head the legal… Continue reading Friday Spotlight: Kim Rivera

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Are You Sponsorship Ready?

I've talked a lot about the importance of having a mentor, as well as a sponsor, and why they're different. To recap, a mentor is someone who will talk to  you, while a sponsor is someone who will talk about you. A sponsor will offer more than just general advice and guidance. They will connect you with… Continue reading Are You Sponsorship Ready?

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Friday Spotlight: Tory Burch

If you know of Tory Burch, you probably associate her with clothing and accessories. That's because Tory is a world famous designer with over 200 stores worldwide and a fashion, home, and beauty line that is carried in over 3,000 retail shops. But, Tory is much more than just a successful designer (which is no… Continue reading Friday Spotlight: Tory Burch

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You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

There is an expression that says, "You cannot be what you cannot see." I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Images are powerful, and every day, we are bombarded with hundreds of them on television, the internet, books, magazines, and billboards. The images we see can have a huge effect on us. They can… Continue reading You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Today we celebrate International Women's Day. It's a day to honor the achievements of women around the world and reaffirm our commitment to fighting for gender equality. If you are looking for ways to commemorate this day, below are some ways you can make a difference: If you see a lack of female participation at… Continue reading Celebrating International Women’s Day

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Friday Spotlight: The Silence Breakers

Every year, TIME Magazine names their "Person of the Year." Typically, the honor is awarded to someone who has made a real impact over the course of the year. Past honorees have included FDR, Martin Luther King Jr., and Queen Elizabeth II. This year, TIME chose to honor the individuals, almost exclusively women, who have… Continue reading Friday Spotlight: The Silence Breakers

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Friday Spotlight: Lula Mena

Lula Mena is not a household name, but she's made a huge impact on the lives of women in her home country of El Salvador. The small Central American country has been ravaged by poverty, crime, and gang-fueled warfare. Women have been especially hard hit by these conditions with more than half of all women… Continue reading Friday Spotlight: Lula Mena

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The 5 Books Your Daughter Needs to Read

"A book is a dream you hold in your hand." As an avid reader, this quote speaks to my soul. I recently shared with Fairygodboss my recommendations for 5 empowering books that your daughter should be reading right now. These books are a reminder to women and girls of all ages to DREAM BIG. Check it… Continue reading The 5 Books Your Daughter Needs to Read