Happy New Year!

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It’s 2019, everybody! I, for one, am so excited to get this year going. Like most people, I tend to make yearly resolutions. But, maintaining motivation is hard. This year, I’m choosing to set “goals” for myself instead. While this may sound like semantics, I find this simple mind-shift important. For me, resolutions feel like all or nothing propositions. Either you do the them do or you don’t. And if you don’t, you failed.

Goals, on the other hand, don’t require a linear path to success. They are far more flexible. Though they require hard work and commitment, they’re not zero-sum games. You can make your way toward your goals at your own pace, changing course when necessary and adjusting your strategy as you go. Goals also allow for more specificity, concrete action planning, and personal growth along the way.

Below are my some of my goals for the new year:

  • Travel to new places
  • Try more new recipes
  • Go to Pilates classes at least twice a week
  • Meditate at least 1 time a day
  • Read one new book a month
  • Keep a journal
  • Buy a house

Within each of these goals, I’ve created mini action plans for how I intend to achieve them. I’m hopeful that by focusing on my physical and mental well-being, I’ll be able to more fully engage with all parts of my life.

What are your some of your goals for 2019?

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