Spotlight: Women Elected to Office

Photo Credit: Glamour

Last week, the country went to the polls to vote in the midterm elections. At stake were a number of governorships, Senate seats, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, and a whole host of local positions, from judgships to city council seats. Voter turnout was high, and when all was said and done, it was clear that women were the winners of the night.

The night included many historic firsts, including:

  • A record number of women elected to the House of Representatives
  • A record number of women running for state legislatures
  • The first woman of color in Massachusetts’ congressional delegation
  • The first Muslim women in Congress from Michigan and Minnesota
  • The first Native American women elected to Congress in New Mexico and Kansas
  • Four women elected to Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation where there were previously zero
  • The first women senators from Tennessee and Arizona
  • The first woman governor in South Dakota
  • The first Hispanic women from Texas to go to Congress
  • The youngest women to be elected to Congress from New York
  • The first woman governor of Guam
  • The first woman and openly bi-sexual Senator from Arizona

There were many more victories across the country, but these victories highlight the strides we are making in ensuring that our governmental bodies reflect the rich diversity of the people they represent. Having more women in government is good for everyone. Women bring valuable perspectives and unique leadership styles to issues like healthcare, education, family leave, criminal justice reform, national security, gun control, the environment and more. The challenges ahead are hard, and we need women’s problem solving and analytical skills to develop effective solutions. 

If you’re interested in running for office, or know a woman who would be a great candidate, consider visiting VoteRunLead and She Should Run for training, resources, and information. 

I am excited about the incoming wave of women leaders, and I’m optimistic that this is only the beginning! #thefutureisfemale

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