Spotlight: Linda Wells

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A couple of week ago, I wrote about one of my favorite podcasts, Second Life. If you listened to the most recent episode, then you’re well acquainted with today’s Friday Spotlight, Linda Wells.

Linda Wells is a journalist, editor, and all around creative change agent in the beauty space. She began her career working as an assistant at Vogue and later as a journalist for the New York Times. She covered stories related to beauty, but did so in a way that was thought-provoking and challenging to our assumptions. Her gift is in her ability to take something seemingly superficial and find in it the deeper cultural context and meaning. As a result, she was given the opportunity to head what was then a new magazine, Allure, as Editor-in-Chief.

After a 25 year run at Allure, Linda was asked to leave the magazine, which left her at a crossroads of what she wanted to do next. With plenty of offers to consider, Linda chose to join beauty giant, Revlon, as their Chief Creative Officer. In just over a year in her new role, she’s launched a whole new line for the brand and continues to push the envelope with her bold campaign ideas.

Linda inspires me because she has navigated her career without fear, taking chances and taking on roles for which she wasn’t always totally prepared. She jumped in to these roles, made mistakes, learned from them, and changed course when necessary. Even after she was fired very publicly, she never lost faith in herself and found a way to continue fueling her passions, while growing in new and unexpected way.s She embodies courage, tenacity, and creativity, and for that, she gets this Friday’s spotlight.

Have someone you’d like to nominate for the Friday spotlight? Leave your suggestions in the comments. Have a great weekend!

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