My 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Ever year, I make a series of resolutions. Usually they involve exercising more and eating less. Occasionally, I’ll throw some travel plans into the mix. But, by and large, those resolutions fall by the wayside a few weeks into the new year. It’s hard work to develop new habits, and when life gets busy, becoming a new and improved version of myself just isn’t a priority.

This year, I added one more resolution to my list of usuals. I resolved that I would start meditating regularly. Sadly, like the exercise and the diet and the travel, my “meditation practice” lasted all of about 2 days before I forgot all about making time for mindfulness. I occasionally will start up again, but inevitably, I lose momentum. Today, however, after a tough morning with my toddler, I decided I needed a little quiet time before hunkering down for a full day of work. So, I meditated. I felt great after, and for the millionth time thought to myself, “Why don’t I do this more often??”

So, here is my pledge and my challenge to do this “more often,” and I hope you’ll join me. For the next 30 days, I challenge myself to meditate for at least 10 minutes every. single. day. Why, you ask? Well for one, mindfulness meditation helps to reduce your levels of stress and can even reshape your brain when done consistently over time. Meditation also helps with mood, anxiety, concentration and can even help boost your immune system. But, most importantly, I always feel so much better after I’ve done it – even when it wasn’t a particularly good session.

In a world that moves at a million miles a minute, it’s important to find quiet space where you can just be. It’s in this stillness that we often find our creativity, our compassion, and our breakthroughs. I will be using Insight Timer for this challenge, but there are tons of apps available to guide you through your meditation, or you can go it alone if you’re more experienced.

Will you be joining the 30 day challenge? Let me know in the comments!

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