Spotlight: Tory Burch

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

If you know of Tory Burch, you probably associate her with clothing and accessories. That’s because Tory is a world famous designer with over 200 stores worldwide and a fashion, home, and beauty line that is carried in over 3,000 retail shops. But, Tory is much more than just a successful designer (which is no small feat, btw). She is also the founder of the Tory Burch Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs.

Launched in 2004, the Tory Burch Foundation develops programs and initiatives designed to help women overcome the unique obstacles they face in the business world. From lending capital to cash strapped business owners, to providing business and management education, to connecting entrepreneurs with mentors and networking opportunities, the Tory Burch Foundation invests in the success of women business owners and gives them the tools to develop their ideas and expand on their dreams. The Foundation also offers a Fellowship to provide women with community support to connect, learn, and grow their businesses.

I have a friend who participated in the Fellowship, and I saw firsthand how she grew into a more confident and competent business woman over the course of the program. I applaud Tory Burch for using her experience and influence to pay it forward to the next generation of business leaders and for fueling their ambitions to reach higher than they thought possible. She is truly inspirational, and for that, she gets this week’s Friday Spotlight.

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