Traveling for Business Like a Boss

Photo Credit: Pexels

The first time I went on a business trip, I felt like a rock star. Fancy hotel? Check. Expensive restaurant I would never go to on my own? Check. Getting around in taxis and not overcrowded, dirty subways? Check. All expenses paid? Check.

Traveling for business can be fun, but it can also be tiring and unfulfilling if you don’t do it right. Below are some tips I picked up for traveling for business like a boss:

Get TSA Pre-Check/Global EntryIf you’re going to be spending a lot of time in airports, don’t be spending that time in line. Getting your TSA pre-check and global entry ID is a huge time saver that is well worth the investment.

Keep Travel Documents Handy. This seems obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many times I used to scramble to find my boarding pass at the last minute. Use technology to help you keep track of your travel documents. I made a travel folder in my e-mail where I put all of my boarding passes, hotel reservations, dinner reservations, and frequent traveler numbers. I also keep all of my boarding passes in my Apple Wallet, but always print out a copy of all my documents just in case technology decides to fail me.

Sign Up for Rewards. If you’re like me, you hate signing up for things because who has time for all of those promotional e-mails? But when you’re traveling frequently, it can really pay off to sign up for membership rewards. Try to stick with the same hotel group and airline for all of your travel so that you can rack up the points quickly. Before you know it, you can have a free room or flight for your next vacation.

Travel Light. Checking in bags is for amateurs, and when traveling for business it should be avoided at all costs. Invest in a carry on and pack only the essentials. I would typically pack one business outfit for each day (usually a dress instead of separates), a leisure outfit, one neutral pair of shoes that would match all of the outfits, a pair of flats, and a small bag of essential toiletries.

Keep a Travel Kit. Packing is not fun, but it can be made easier by keeping a separate travel kit that has all of your toiletries already packed up so that you can just toss it into your suitcase. Mine has a travel toothbrush and toothpaste, small plastic bottles for my favorite cleansers and lotions, deodorant, a razor, hair ties, mouthwash, roll on perfume, and band aids. I also keep a separate bag that has an extra charger for the room, a mophie battery for when I’m on the go, a usb, a pen and a small notepad (I’m old school and like writing things down).

What are some of your travel hacks?



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