Spotlight: Payal Kadakia

Photo Credit: Project Entrepreneur

If you’re a workout junkie, or if you’ve ever just been on the internet, you’ve probably come across ClassPass, the uber successful brainchild of Payal Kadakia.  ClassPass provides members with the opportunity to try a variety of fitness classes in their cities of choice. This idea is genius for a number of reasons. For one, who wants to spend hours visiting website after website to find a decent pilates studio? For two, classes can be expensive – oftentimes over $30 a pop, meaning you may only get to hit up your favorite sweat sesh once in a blue moon. With ClassPass subscriptions, you pay one fee to attend multiple classes a month, and it’s always cheaper than paying individually. Essentially, you’re getting yourself a discount AND you get to try a variety of studios and classes to keep things interesting.

Today, under the leadership of Payal Kadakia, ClassPass is estimated to be worth a cool $400 million. Not bad for someone who just turned 34. What makes Payal’s story all the more inspiring is that she actually had to fail a couple of times before landing on the secret sauce. ClassPass went through two different, unsuccessful, iterations before becoming what it is today. Building a multi-million dollar business is never easy, but Payal has shown nothing but grit, passion, and determination and is now among one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the tech world. She is a brilliant example for any girl who wants to make her way in a male-dominated industry, and for that, Payal gets this week’s Friday spotlight.

If you have someone you’d like to see in upcoming Friday Spotlights, leave your suggestions in the comments. Until then, have a great weekend, everyone!

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