The Million Woman March

Last Friday, January 20th, we inaugurated our 45th president, Donald Trump. The following morning, what felt like every woman I know woke up and marched on Washington, New York , Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, St. Louis, Chicago and Austin, to name a few. To my great surprise, the marches had gone international with demonstrations in London, Cape Town, Mexico City, Paris, Berlin, Prague, and even Antarctica.  The streets were a sea of pink, with thousands upon thousands of people making their way through their cities in support of their ideals and values.

I was one of those marching in New York City and can say that the energy was palpable. The vibe was positive and peaceful, but determined. I walked away from the march with a renewed sense of inspiration to fight for the things that matter to me- equality, respect, liberty, and justice. This march was but an example of the kind of civic engagement we should all have, not just during the next four years or the four years after that, but always.

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in a march, here are some images from around the country and the world.






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