Spotlight: Jessica Bennett

It’s a new year, and The Girl Power Code is finally back after a long, but super fun, vacation! We are kicking things off with this Friday’s spotlight, which is going to the author of the book I couldn’t put down while I was tanning on the beaches of Cartagena – Jessica Bennett. She is a journalist who writes about gender and culture for the New York Times and wrote the book Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace.


Jessica started her career at Newsweek, where she found that sexism in the workplace wasn’t a relic from the past. She later encountered similar challenges while at Tumblr, prompting her and her girlfriends to form the real life feminist fight club that became the basis for her book. Today, in addition to writing for the New York Times, she’s also a contributing editor to, where she co-founded and curates the Lean In Collection with Getty Images, a photo initiative to change the depiction of women in stock photography.

Jessica is great role model for anyone thinking about dipping their toes into feminist waters. She is smart, funny, relatable, and gives really useful tips for fighting the patriarchy by forming the right networks, negotiating for raises and promotions, and effectively dealing with the “mansplainers” in the room (there’s always one). If you haven’t picked up Feminist Fight Club, I highly recommend it, as well as following Jessica’s writing, which is always poignant and worth the read. Below is also a fun video and interview with Jessica that you can watch when you have a few minutes to spare.

Here’s to a great weekend and an even better 2017! See you all on Monday 🙂

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