One Easy Way to Build Your Confidence

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Confidence – the gift we all wish we had. When you’re feeling confident, it feels like there is nothing you can’t conquer. But when your confidence tank is low, every challenge feels insurmountable. When I started my new job a few months ago, I was so excited, but also quite scared. This was a new career path for me at an elite firm where excellence was expected at all times. Would I have what it takes?

My third day on the job, I came across an article in the Harvard Business Review that was just what I needed. It described a simple exercise that women can do to overcome self-doubt – reflect on your personal values and write them down. When you do this, you remind yourself of what is important to you and what you bring to the table, helping to eliminate the self-doubt that can often paralyze us or keep us from striving for more. A regular reminder of your values also helps to connect you to feelings of self-worth, which ultimately boosts your confidence.

After reading the article, I took a few minutes to make my list, and I refer to it from time to time. It has really helped me to keep things in perspective when I’m feeling out of sorts.

Remember to share your confidence boosting tips in the comments!  Have a great day, everyone!

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