Your Fairygodboss

A few months ago, a friend of mine was interviewing for her dream job. She had made it to the final round and was struggling with whether or not to share her secret- she was four months pregnant. She didn’t want to hurt her chances of being offered the position, but she also really needed to know important information like maternity benefits, flex time policies, overtime expectations, and so much more. After all, this decision would not only affect her- it would also affect her son. She had to be smart. In the end, she was offered the job, but when she discovered that she would have only eight weeks of unpaid maternity leave and would be required to travel extensively after her return, she decided to decline. She later told me that had she known these things from the beginning, she would never have applied in the first place.

This scenario is far more common that most of us realize. So often women have important questions about not just parental leave and flex-time, but also about promotions, retention, performance evaluations, and compensation. But these can be difficult, if not socially forbidden, questions to ask. Websites like Glassdoor can be helpful, but they often fail to address some of these critical issues. Enter Fairygodboss.

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This female-founded startup aims to make the workplace better for women by providing transparency and answers to those impossible to ask questions. The website houses tens of thousands of anonymous company reviews that specifically ask about leave benefits, how women are treated relative to their male colleagues, and whether or not women recommend the company to other women. It also provides career advice, job postings, company ratings, and discussion boards. Best of all, it’s totally free to use.

I absolutely love everything about this site. It not only empowers women to make thoughtful choices about their careers, it also gives employers an opportunity to hear directly from their women employees about their degree of satisfaction and the challenges they’re facing at work. Armed with this kind of feedback, companies are better positioned to make the changes that will really make a difference in their recruiting and retention efforts toward women.

What sites do you rely on for your job information? Let me know in the comments, and as always, don’t forget to follow The Girl Power Code on Instagram!

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