She Should Run!

Although it seems like ages ago, it’s been less than a month since the presidential election. Whether you were happy with the result or dismayed by it, you’re probably still thinking about it. For me, this election was a call to action. It’s partly why I started this blog. I wanted to be sure that I was contributing more than just my one vote every four years. I wanted to speak out about things that matter to me, and at the top of that list is empowering women.

An organization that shares that same passion is She Should Run, a non-profit whose mission is to create a culture that inspires women to run for elected office . I came across this group at a women’s leadership event and was immediately intrigued. They not only provide information and motivation, but also tools and resources to help prepare women who are thinking about running for office. They are non-partisan and care only about ensuring that more women’s voices are being heard at all levels of government.

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Next week, they will be hosting the 2016 She Should Run National Conversation, where 11 women leaders will come together to talk about what this election means for the future of women and girls in office. It’s being held in Washington, D.C., but if you’re not local, you can also live stream the event. Since it’s during working hours, I convinced my boss to host a watch party, where women from around the office can come together to watch the live stream together. If you’d like to participate as well, consider hosting your own watch party at your office.

However you choose to get involved, and no matter your political leaning, we all benefit from having a more diverse group of leaders in government.

Be sure to let me know what you’re doing to become active in your communities, and don’t forget to follow The Girl Power Code on Instagram!

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