Practicing Gratitude

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A couple of years ago, I did the 100 Happy Days challenge. For 100 straight days, I took a picture of something that made me happy and posted it on Instagram. It was not easy. But I completed the challenge and found that no matter how terrible a day I was having, there was always something for which to be grateful.

Sometimes it was really simple things like a soft pillow to lay my head on at night, or a hot cup of coffee in the morning, or a marathon of my favorite show. Other days it was something more special – a trip to Brazil with my family for the World Cup, tickets to the US Open, time with my best friend who I rarely get to see. At the end of the challenge, I found that I had developed a whole new way of thinking, and I was always looking for the positive in my day, rather than focusing on what was bringing me down.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been so great at keeping up that mindset since the challenge, but with tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I think it’s a good time to reboot and get back to practicing gratitude in a conscious way. To help me, I’ll be using my journal (more on the benefits of journaling to come!) and a handy dandy little app called Happify, which I downloaded months ago and promptly ignored. I’m hopeful that these small steps will help me be more mindful of my blessings and feel the Thanksgiving high more than just once a year.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving and that you eat and laugh till it hurts. Be sure to share some things you do to practice gratitude in your life in the comments, and don’t forget to follow TheGirlPowerCode on Instagram for a little hit of inspo over the holiday weekend.  See you all on Monday!

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