Are You Sponsorship Ready?

I've talked a lot about the importance of having a mentor, as well as a sponsor, and why they're different. To recap, a mentor is someone who will talk to  you, while a sponsor is someone who will talk about you. A sponsor will offer more than just general advice and guidance. They will connect you with … Continue reading Are You Sponsorship Ready?


Preparing for Your Summer Internship

While some of you may be well into your careers and past the point of working for free, many of you may just be starting out. Often, the best way to get experience is through an internship or volunteer position. No matter how great your academic classes or professors, there is just no substitute for … Continue reading Preparing for Your Summer Internship

Series: Relationship Building 101 – The Informational Interview

Interviewing is not my favorite activity. It probably isn't yours either. And why would it be? Interviews are high-pressure situations that can be downright uncomfortable. But, there are some kinds of interviews that are a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable - informational interviews. Informational interviews are short, often informal meetings or conversations, … Continue reading Series: Relationship Building 101 – The Informational Interview